The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014 / Dr. Alban
title The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014
artists Dr. Alban
label Playground Music
price ¥1692+税
release 2014/5/28
format CD PGMCD-80

ナイジェリア系スウェーデン人プロデューサー、Dr. Albanのベストアルバム。
1992年にヒットした「It's My Life」も収録。

1. Around The World feat. Jessica Folcker
2. We Are One
3. It's My Life
4. Sing Hallelujah!
5. Let The Beat Go On (Short)
6. Hello Afrika (Fast Blast Club Mix) feat. Leila K
7. Look Who's Talking (Long)
8. No Coke (7" Mix)
9. Loverboy (Radio Edit)
10. Freedom
11. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
12. Feel The Rhythm
13. What Do I Do
14. Because Of You
15. It's My Life (Redux)


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